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Tarix: 2013-02-25 | Əlamətlər: sevgi sekilleri urekler | Əlavə edən: Xeyal676
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1 Fadi   (2014-03-17 09:36)
Donna Vandenberg Hi Ryan this is a surprise to see this blog. How nice to hear that you are now back in Ireland and doing some reeanrsihg for the promo tour. Not much down-time for you I guess. Your Australian experience sounds like it was extra special when you met Eric Bogle. You both look very happy in your picture. I'm sure you'll think about meeting him, and chatting with him, every time you sing those songs.We are all awaiting the release of the tour dates. Lots of planning to do places to go, CT fans to see, and music to enjoy. Hopefully during these promo weeks we'll hear some news on the dates. Mythology has been absolutely amazing I was spellbound watching the first time through. It's hard to believe that you were in the hospital just a few short weeks before the taping. Prayers were surely answered for you and your family. Your parents look so proud of you in the audience, and your mother's words on the bonus dvd show us how special you are to your family. Anyway, many viewings later, I can just say that each time I watch, I find something new to love about the show, and can't wait for the fall to see you and the other guys tour with it. It's definitely your best yet. Good luck with the promo visits I don't think you're coming my way. I'm hoping an ABC show is in the works for my area you and Neil know how to put on a show. Take care, and thanks for the blog.Donna xx

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